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Checking in with DP Timur Civan
By Randi Altman

New York City born and raised, Timur Civan’s path to becoming a director of photography started with his background in fine art, something he studied in school and something that still influences his work… but that path wasn’t exactly planned.

“I fell into cinematography by accident,” he explains. “I had been working on a series of sculptures that had video elements in them. Through a bit of luck, someone noticed what I had been working on. So with zero experience, I wound up DP-ing a commercial for an ad agency as my first film job. The day we finished, I was asked to work on another shoot the following week.”

Things just took off from there and within a month he was a full-time director of photography. As a DP, Civan mainly focuses on spot and feature films but welcomes the opportunity to work on all types of projects. He says it helps build his skill set.

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Wipster at a glance — review and approvals made easy
By Hasraf “HaZ” Dullul

We now work in an industry where talent isn’t restricted to being local or location dependent. The same can be said about clients. In any project there is always “review” or “dailies” to be done for feedback on the work or sign-offs.

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Jonathan Moser shares tips for Media Composer users

Long-time video editor Jonathan Moser, who has worked on such shows as Deadly Sins, American Gladiators, Dateline NBC and Making The Band, was recently kind enough to share some tips that he employs while cutting on Avid’s Media Composer. While also versed on Final Cut Pro, Moser calls Media Composer home.

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RSP's Tim Crosbie gets VFX Oscar nom for X-Men: Days of Future Past 

Congrats to this year’s 
Oscar nominees
By Randi Altman

Quick Chat: Cutters producer Heather Richardson

Randall Dark’s CES Experience: Wrap-Up

Director/CD Chris Dooley enrolls at Brand New School

Behind the Title: 
Beatstreet’s Joe Franco

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