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Formatting, archiving in the digital age
The first in a semi-regular series of articles from this Nice Shoes colorist.

By Lenny Mastrandrea

Recently, I read an interesting commentary by Keith Phipps at The Dissolve, regarding the ongoing dispute between film and digital aficionados.

While being interviewed about his new feature Mr. Turner, director Mike Leigh claimed that the aversion of directors, like Quentin Tarantino, to digital as a format for feature films has no justification at this point. Leigh chooses to embrace digital because of how it has democratized filmmaking, creating vast potential for innovation among the young crop of filmmakers who previously had large barriers to entry.

The main issue for those who still want to shoot on film is its availability, as the widespread adoption of digital has led to those who produce film stock to cease production, only making enough to satisfy the diehards such as Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, Paul Thomas Anderson and J.J. Abrams.

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To rent or buy? That is the question
What best fits your studio’s needs is a personal choice.

By Fred Ruckel

When it comes to production, there is always a debate about whether to buy equipment or rent it. RuckSackNY has faced this dilemma many times over the years and recently we decided it was time to take the plunge — we are now investing in the gear we often rent.

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Magnetic Dreams talks organization and productivity
This VFX/animation boutique calls on Shotgun software to keep them on track.

By Don Culwell

Magnetic Dreams is a boutique Nashville-based VFX and animation studio with an underdog spirit. Overseeing a staff of about 30 artists working on everything from commercials with a one-day turnaround to long-term feature projects, I value tools that can help our workflow thrive while keeping things simple at the same time.

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My Top 5 favorite keyboard shortcuts for Smoke
By Barry Goch

Wohler heading to HPA 
Tech Retreat with 
Tachyon Wormhole 2.0

Editor Sandra Adair, with Oscar-nom for Boyhood
to speak at NAB 2015

Quick Chat: Camille Geier, 
EP of Shade VFX New York

Cut+Run helps man meet rasta dog in Dr. Pepper spot

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