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Todd-Soundelux, 424 Post combine to keep ‘Black Sails’ sounding authentic
By Jennifer Walden

If you like your pirate stories with peg legs, eye patches, and other cartoon-like pirate stereotypes, then the Starz original series Black Sails isn’t for you. Anything Jack Sparrow-y is strictly prohibited.

“The show’s creators wanted this world to be real, and dirty. There is nothing stereotypical that you would’ve heard in a pirate movie ever,” says re-recording mixer Mathew Waters, who handles the sound effects mix on Black Sails. He works alongside dialog re-recording mixer Onnalee Blank on Stage 1 at Todd-Soundelux Burbank.

Supervising sound editor Benjamin Cook, 424 Post, a strategic partner of Todd-Soundelux, in Culver City, created a palette of unique sounds for Black Sails. He captured recordings from locations in the Florida Keys and the Dry Tortugas, a seven-island national park located 70 nautical miles west of Key West.

He hired sound designer Charles Maynes, who specializes in military sounds, to record the guns, muskets, and cannons for Black Sails. Cook’s sound effects editor Jeffrey Pitts scoured eBay for hemp ropes and antique nautical pulleys. They used those to build a contraption to create one of the main sound elements for the sailing ships. They also recorded sounds on actual ships. Good Foley was paramount to add distinct character to the track, our team did an outstanding job. “We had great support from production, so we got recordings of the doors and other props on location. They really fit in nicely with the track, even if they were just the starting point, we could add sounds and embellish them to make the location sounds really work,” notes Cook.

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Indie filmmaker Randy DeFord makes ‘Taylor Bertram’ his way
By Randi Altman

Monticello, Indiana — Independent filmmakers come in different shapes and sizes, but what they have in common is their desire to tell a story. Thanks to today’s affordable technology, more creatives can call themselves independent filmmakers than ever before — and even produce films that can compete against those with varying budgets.

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Quick Chat: Larry Jordan on NAB 2014  

As we approach NAB 2014, postPerspectives thought it would be fun to throw a few questions at Larry Jordan (, who will once again be at the show with his podcast Digital Production Buzz, (@DPBuZZ).

What do you think will be the hot topic at NAB this year? Clearly, 4K is all the rage. We’ll see 4K everywhere — cameras, monitors, software… What’s interesting to me, though, is that computers are essentially 4K-capable already.

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Meet Picturemill Creative Director William Lebeda

Review: Telestream’s Wirecast Studio 5
By Trevor Carlee

AICE to induct John Palestrini posthumously into its Hall of Fame


Quantel acquires Snell

Blur replaces proprietary management tool, installs Shotgun  

Sonnet ships Thunderbolt 2-to-PCIe expansion chassis

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