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Nvidia GPU Technology Conference: Part I

By Fred Ruckel

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the Nvidia GPU Technology Conference 2015 in San Jose, California, a.k.a. Silicon Valley. This was not a conference for the faint of heart; it was an in-depth look at where the development of GPU technology is heading and what strides it had made over the last year. In short, it was the biggest geek fest I have ever known, and I mean that as a compliment. The cast of The Big Bang Theory would have fit right in.

While some look at “geek” as having a negative connotation, in the world of technology geeks rule the universe and change the way you live, so hug a geek if you know one. That said, for those who aren’t fully aware of what GPU means, it stands for Graphics Processing Unit, and you likely use it every single day if you work in this industry.

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Review: Forbidden Technologies Forscene
By Brady Betzel

In December of 2013 I wrote a review of the Forscene platform from Forbidden Technologies. Back then, I went into some detail about the product and how nice it was to be able to do a rough edit from just about anywhere, including my local Starbucks. Simply, Forscene is a cloud-based, nonlinear logging, editing, reviewing and publishing browser-based platform.

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FotoKem colorist Mark Griffith: digital remastering 
The Sound of Music
By Randi Altman

Who doesn’t love The Sound of Music? Who? Introduce them to me and we’ll talk. Fifty years after it was released in theaters, this classic film about — well, you know what it’s about — was restored by Burbank’s FotoKem, home to one of the last feature film labs in the country. The studio completed the restoration of the 65mm musical through 8K scans from large-format film elements, downsampled to 4K for restoration and digital cinema mastering.

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Emery Wells talks now-launched app
By Randi Altman

Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference: Part II
By Fred Ruckel

Nvidia’s GPU Technology
Conference: Part III
By Fred Ruckel

DP Phedon Papamichael gets flexible with Action Cams

BCPC's Will Rogers blogging for postPerspective at NAB

Rohde & Schwarz showing updates to Clipster at NAB 

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