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Jonathan Moser’s Myths of Editing

Veteran New York-based video editor Jonathan Moser shares some common editing myths, along with a few rants, and educates us in the process

We Can Fix It in Post
We CAN’T fix bad shooting, bad directing, bad acting, bad lighting, bad planning, bad screen direction, bad conception, bad continuity, bad sound. Not totally. What we can sometimes do is distract the viewer and draw attention away from these mistakes and flubs that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. On even rarer occasions (see article on Annie Hall) we can completely overhaul a badly conceived project, but it’s painful. If you’re doing a project, don’t rely on the editor to save your ass. Do it as right as possible while filming.

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Technicolor PostWorks John Crowley on 
color grading The Americans

By Randi Altman

Just a couple of weeks ago, FX’s The Americans aired its third season finale, and it was a good one. Who would expect anything less? This drama follows a Russian husband and wife who are undercover in the DC area during the Cold War. They look American, sound American and have two kids, who truly are American.

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Quick Chat: Butcher’s Teddy Gersten gets funny with Honda 

“Selfie” was the word of the year in 2013, and for good reason; those darn things are everywhere. In early April of this year — April Fool’s Day to be exact — Honda decided to have a little bit of fun while promoting its HR-V automobile.

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