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Creating a deeper talent pool: 
Training for Mistika, Mamba FX

Now that SGO Mistika systems are being installed here in the US, postPerspective thought it would make sense to find out what the company is doing about training artists so studios that have invested in the product have a deeper pool of talent to pick from when the need arises.

With that in mind, we reached out to David Cox, who has been helping SGO with their training efforts. Here is his take on the subject.

By David Cox

An interesting challenge for any manufacturer that aspires to bring a new product to market — or a different way of thinking to an existing market — is how to cultivate an extensive user-base by training enough individuals to allow their technology to take hold.

As a long-time user of the SGO Mistika post-production system, I have spent some time over the last few years training new operators so they will get the most out of the system. I created and maintain the video tutorials at the SGO online user forum and recently opened to enable VFX artists to download and learn SGO’s low-cost compositing software, Mamba FX.

Those two core SGO products have very different sales volumes since they are at opposite ends of the pricing spectrum, and this directly impacts how training takes place. Mistika training tends to start as one-on-one during pre-sales and this continues when a new system is installed. Training for Mamba FX is via online video tutorials and by peer-to-peer assistance.

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A young filmmaker discovers post can be lonely… and gratifying
By Emory Parker

French dramatist Charles-Guillaume Étienne coined the phrase, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” This seems to be the justification for the resurgence of the auteur-style of filmmaking. Young filmmakers, especially those fresh out of film school, believe they will become successful by performing as many roles as they can on set. It’s not uncommon to see one person’s name appear several times in the credits of a film. But, what if that person is not the most qualified for one of the jobs she has given herself?

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Pairing clients and projects 
with the right music
By Gabe Hilfer

Establishing relationships with clients is one of the most exciting parts of working in the advertising community. Getting to define what it is they need, and how best to service those needs, is always interesting and never the same twice.

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Meet Ntropic, NY, executive producer Kathrin Lausch

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editor Steve Audette
By Randi Altman

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