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Creating Under the Dome’s sound experience

By Jennifer Walden

Imagine living your life under an invisible dome that offers no escape, seeing the same people in the same town day after day… oh, and the “prison” you call home has supernatural powers that might or might not be evil. That’s what the residents of the fictional town of Under the Dome’s Chester’s Mill have to contend with every day on CBS’s sophomore offering based on a Stephen King novel of the same name. Then imagine what that would sound like. Would there be echoes? Would the sounds be magnified? Dulled?

Walter Newman, supervising sound editor at Burbank’s Warner Bros. Sound, is currently working on Season 2 of Under the Dome, which premieres June 30 on CBS with an episode written by King himself.

Having worked on the previous season, Newman knew the ins and outs of the Dome’s sound: crazy sci-fi sounds in, birds and wind sounds out. “We learned our lesson with Season 1,” he says. “The audience shouldn’t hear birds and wind because the town is in a Dome. The first few episodes on Season 1 were more experimental, particularly in regard to dialogue. But now on Season 2 we have a rhythm of what we’re doing. For the Dome, when it acts up, it’s always something different, so that’s the biggest challenge for me on Season 2.”

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Review: FXHome’s HitFilm 2 Ultimate, HitFilm Plug-ins for indies
By Brady Betzel

Over the past few months, I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about what FXHome is doing with its products. It interests me because recently I’ve been doing more YouTube-based work and side projects, and many of my industry friends have that budget-strapped “passion project” they are working on.

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Rushes cooks up interactive kitchen experience for IKEA

The CG team at London’s Rushes created a range of kitchen designs for an interactive experience on IKEA’s website called The Truth About Kitchens. Each of the themed designs shows visitors information about how we spend time in our kitchens. Working closely with agency Mother and IKEA’s kitchen designers, Rushes created six kitchens that seamlessly transform into each other.

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