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Going back in time sonically for Outlander series
By Jennifer Walden

While on the surface, it might seem surprising that writer Ron Moore, with his extensive Star Trek credits, created the popular Starz Originals period drama Outlander, but as you dig a bit deeper it all starts to make sense. Outlander is more than just a period piece; it’s about time travel. Who doesn’t love themselves a little time travel?

Outlander, based on the book series by Diana Gabaldon, follows Claire Randall, a British combat nurse on vacation in Scotland with her husband. After touching one large stone in an ancient stone circle she gets transported back in time, from 1945 to 1743. While time travel is sci-fi, that element of the story is but a minuscule moment, with the majority of the storyline happening in 1743. But her being from a different time and place is always front and center to the story, and that is the world that Moore knows well.

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Quick Chat: Scarab’s Robyn Haddow talks The Flash and Arrow

Robyn Haddow is a motion graphics and playback artist with Vancouver-based Scarab Digital as well as an active freelancer. At Scarab, she is presently providing Fantasy User Interface (FUI) and animation designs for the CW series The Flash and Arrow as well as for Proof, a new medical drama debuting soon on TNT.

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Director Mark Kudsi on The Art of Patrón VR Experience 

Director Mark Kudsi’s work on The Art of Patrón Virtual Reality Experience, via production company White Label S/R Product and agency Firstborn, involves a blend of virtual reality technology, drone filming and photoreal CG designed to transport participants to Patron’s hacienda and experience its handcrafted process as guided by the brand’s "bee."

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Behind the Title: Colorist 
Mark Todd Osborne

Quick Chat: Stargate's president Darren Frankel

Quick Chat: Nick Mattingly from Switcher Studio

Sonnet intros USB 3.0 PCIe adapter card, powered ports

AJA promotes 
Dave Sampson 

Date set for Bay Area SuperMeetUp   

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