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Review: Adobe Creative Cloud 2014

By Brady Betzel

When I got the call to review the latest release of Adobe Creative Cloud for postPerspective, I almost jumped out of my skin with excitement. I am a big fan of Adobe tools in addition to how they handle their social media and customer outreach. You can submit a feature request and it seems like Adobe addresses it instantly.

About a year ago I asked another company for features such as higher than 1920×1080 projects and there still is no answer. On Twitter you can see @AdobeAE or @AdobePremiere answer technical, support, or even feature request questions. Long story short, they really seem to care about their products and the people who use them.

For this review I’m focusing on the video and motion graphics side of CC — Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects — but I will lightly touch on some of the other products like SpeedGrade as well.

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Chicago Fire: the sound of drama
By Jennifer Walden

Whether it’s a raging high-rise fire, a horrific car accident or another life-threatening event, the firefighters, rescue squad and paramedics of Chicago Firehouse 51 on NBC’s Chicago Fire are always in the center of some sort of dramatic adventure. And sometimes that drama spills into the personal lives of these imperfect heroes.

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Quick Chat: Richard Edlund talks about VFX, Crossbones, more
By Randi Altman

It seems as though VFX legend Richard Edlund, ASC, never stops. One of ILM’s original founders, who then opened Boss Film Studios, is a seven-time Oscar-winner with three Academy Scientific & Engineering Awards and an Emmy to his name. Currently he runs New Orleans-based duMonde Visual Effects, a collaboration between himself and another VFX vet, WhoDoo EFX founder/CEO Helena Packer.

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On-Set: VFX data 
gathering with Alexa
By Hasraf “HaZ” Dulull

Creative storage — 
not just the 0s and 1s
By Marty Shindler

Meet the Artist: OneRiver Media’s Marco Solorio

ThenewBlank creates title sequence for Big in Japan

Brigade helps drive 

Super Star Power ramps 
up for 4K DI, finishing  

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