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Have camera will travel: shooting for 
a good cause

By Randi Altman

In a perfect world, children would grow up in loving and nurturing homes with food on the table and clothes on their backs. Unfortunately, for many that is not reality. AMIT, an Israeli social services organization, was established over 40 years ago offering foster homes and education to these lost children. But having been built between 1935 and 1975, their foster homes are in dire need of renovations, So the non-profit is currently in the middle of a $10 million fundraising campaign.

As part of that campaign, AMIT called on Long Island, NY-based DMJ Digital Media, and its owner David Jasse, to help them tell their story and inspire donations. Jasse packed up his Canon 5D Mark III, tucked away in a Tenba carrying case designed to fit perfectly into a luggage racks on planes, and headed to Israel.

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Five tips for VFX supervising on set
By Hasraf “HaZ” Dulull

I’ve been on many sets over the course of my career as a visual effects supervisor and I’ve seen just about everything, from full on greenscreen sets, motion control sets, high-speed photography elements shoots and even guerrilla-style handheld shoots that needed visual effects added later in post.

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Editor Jesse Averna wins 4th Emmy for his work 
on Sesame Street
By Randi Altman

This past weekend, PostChat’s Jesse Averna, whose day job is editing Sesame Street, won a fourth consecutive Emmy Award for his work on the iconic show where puppets and humans live together with the goal of teaching children about life, math and the alphabet.

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A Closer Look: Red 
Giant Universe
By Brady Betzel

Detroit’s Hudson Edit adds editor, designer/editor team

Autodesk to acquire Shotgun Software

Blog: Sight, Sound & Story looks at the editor’s process
By Emory Parker

Blackmagic Cameras get 1.8 software update, Resolve 11 in public beta

Encore gives House of Cards moody feel in 4K 
Ultra HD  

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