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Jurassic World: Dinos find their inner animal thanks to Skywalker Sound
By Jennifer Walden

So the makers of Jurassic World are, quite obviously, asking you to suspend your disbelief. This disbelief might just focus on the fact they are asking you to accept that a group of super-positive thinking people (or maybe super-stupid) thought that opening up a theme park where dinosaurs once again roam the earth was a good idea. Especially since it has gone so spectacularly bad at parks featured in earlier movies.

Yes, the idea of re-opening the same park again and again and expecting that people won’t get eaten again and again is a bit crazy, right? Well, the only thing insane about Jurassic World is that it is insanely awesome! Yeah, ok, people get eaten, but that’s part of the fun, no?

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Behind the Title: rof vfx’s John Myers

EP and VFX supervisor John Myers is a visual effects veteran and partner at rof vfx, which many of you might know as Ring of Fire. He and partner/creative director Jerry Spivack run offices in Santa Monica and New York City.

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Tutorial: Using Trim editing in Premiere 
Pro CC 2015
By Sean “Premiere Bro” Schools

Premiere Pro CC 2015 brought more to editors than awesome color grading tools and magical transitions. The new release also brought several enhancements to Premiere Pro’s trimming capabilities as well.

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Answering questions 
about ‘the cloud’
By Randi Altman

Behind the Title: Formosa Group mixer Tim West

Cinematic pro camera system for VR from Jaunt companion 
app for FCPX available

Kodak, Cinelab London 
help preserve indies

Liberal Media Films adds director Jason Burks

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