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#PostChat: True Blood editor Mark Hartzell

By Randi Altman

This week’s #PostChat featured Mark Hartzell (@tweetermf), editor on the HBO series True Blood, which focuses on a town where vampires and mortals live together. He fielded questions about the art of editing and workflow, including how it finally felt when he was able to sink his teeth into an episode of his own. #PostChat’s Jesse Averna (@Dr0id) moderated the chat.

Hartzell, who started on the Alan Ball created/produced True Blood as an assistant to editor Andy Keir in Season Two, worked his way through the ranks, learning from all along the way. As the show airs its 7th and final season, Hartzell is proud to wear the title of editor.

Looking back at when he started on the show, Hartzell remembers Keir teaching him about pace and visual effects. And this “higher education” of sorts continued. For Seasons Three, Four and Five he assisted Michael Ruscio, ACE. “Michael is a master of performance and pattern. He can make less talented actors appear more talented and good actors look great, both in the cutting room and on set. When I’m in a bind I always ask myself “WWRD: what would Ruscio do.”

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Quick Chat: Northern Lights’ Chris Hengeveld
By Randi Altman

Last fall I had the pleasure of moderating a panel on color grading during the CCW Show in New York City. The panel was made up of dedicated colorists. One of them, Chris Hengeveld, is more than just a colorist: he also provides compositing and visual effects via a variety of Autodesk tools.

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Pixel Magic provides 100 VFX shots for 
22 Jump Street

Pixel Magic, with offices in Toluca Lake, California, and Lafayette, Louisiana, completed over 100 visual effects shots for Sony’s 22 Jump Street, directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Ray McIntyre Jr. of Pixel Magic was called on for 2nd unit VFX supervision supporting Edwin Rivera, the film’s overall VFX supervisor. 

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