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Transformers 4: Age of Extinction  
offers heavy metal sound

By Jennifer Walden

Audiences can’t seem to get enough of the good versus evil story involving feuding alien races — Autobots and Decepticons — who hide among us here on earth as cars and trucks. How do I know? Well the fourth Transformers movie, Age of Extinction, pulled in an astonishing $301.3 million worldwide on its opening day. While critics and audiences are strongly divided on their opinion of the movie, Greg Russell, re-recording mixer on the film, sums it up well: “If you’re looking for Shakespeare in Love, this isn’t it.”

Russell, who works out of Technicolor Sound on the Paramount Pictures studio lot in Hollywood, refers to the Michael Bay-directed offering as “a lot of movie.” And it is, in every sense of the word — this latest Transformers iteration is nearly three hours long. It’s a big story that takes the viewer from the rural US to Hong Kong and even into space. There are aerial battles between Transformers, dinosaur robots aptly named “Dinobots,” a plethora of explosions, spaceships with super magnets that attract (and subsequently drop) every piece of metal in the area.

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Quick Chat: MPC New York’s color grading team
By Randi Altman

Three years ago, London-based MPC grew its footprint even further — they also have offices in LA, Vancouver, Bangalore, Montreal, Amsterdam and Mexico City — opening its doors in New York City and focusing on the advertising community. Since then they have been adding talent as their needs grew.

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#PostChat: Black Box editor Zack Arnold 
By Randi Altman

This week’s #PostChat guest is editor Zack Arnold (@BurnedEditor), whose resume is long and varied — most recently focusing on the small screen. He spent four years cutting USA Network’s Burn Notice, which ended its run last year, and he just completed Season 1 of the new series Black Box on ABC.

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Review: MovieType 
for Element 3D
By Brady Betzel

Meet the Artist/Owner: Mechanism Digital’s 
Lucien Harriot

Design, animation 
boutique State opens 
in Santa Monica

Bent Image Lab gets 
new West Coast rep

Creating fairies and environments for 
Disney’s Maleficent

Imagineer targets freelancers with 
Mocha Plus 4

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