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By Randi Altman

We all know that the world and how people communicate and share information has changed — it’s instant and it’s global — and that change has trickled down to the production and post industries. While clients still come to see their projects worked on live and in person, that is no longer the norm. Instead, clients and collaborators can be at different sides of the globe or maybe just across town and not wanting to deal with traffic.

Regardless of the situation, more and more collaboration is happening remotely with the help of the Internet and applications designed to allow instant access and the ability to give feedback.

One recent offering is from It’s a cloud-based collaboration platform for media professionals that includes a variety of tools needed for easy and accurate review and approval. That includes file sharing, review, dailies (everything uploaded is transcoded to high-quality HTML5), easy communication (including marking up pictures and adding notes), version control (go back in time to review different versions side by side) and light asset management (tag and search).

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Quick Chat: Dive’s Ed Mendez on 
VFX for The Leftovers
By Randi Altman

HBO’s new series The Leftovers has been a ray of sunshine in what is typically a gray summer of television fare. Not that the show — which focuses on how the world and, in particular, a small town in suburban New York deals after two percent of the earth’s population randomly vanishes — is sunny in any way, but it’s compellingly good television.

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VFX Chat: Digital Domain discusses 
its work on Maleficent
By Randi Altman

The Disney hit movie train keeps rolling along, with audiences getting on board at every stop; this time it’s Maleficent’s turn. The studio has taken a classic animated villain, Maleficent, and put her into a live-action film, starring Angelina Jolie as the title character.

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Review: Divergent 
Media’s EditReady
By Brady Betzel

Larry Jordan training 
targets schools
By Randi Altman

Meet the Owner: Tone Visuals’ Brian Buongiorno

Sonnet to show new, 
updated gear at IBC

Daniel Mirsky joins Twist 
to rep directing roster

Tongal: crowdsourcing for creatives and brands

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