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Sharknado 3: The Asylum’s Mark Quod talks color and post
By Randi Altman

As I sat down to write about the post process on SyFy’s Sharknado 3, the news was full of shark sightings and attacks, including one on a surfer during a competition in South Africa.

While there is nothing funny about the latest happenings, the public’s fascination with these beasts of the ocean continues. Coming on the heels of Discovery’s Shark Week is the latest iteration of the Sharknado series from The Asylum, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

This time our hero, Fin (Ian Ziering), makes his way from Washington, DC, to Orlando, all the while fighting this killer storm with teeth. In addition to the expected camp, also keep an eye out for those fun cameos, including David Hasselhoff, Bo Derek, Mark Cuban, Frankie Muniz and so many more.

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Review: G-Tech’s G-RAID removable
dual drive system
By Brady Betzel

In our datacentric world, needing storage that exceeds 1TB or 2TB is commonplace. Beyond that, pros typically need something that can be quickly formatted to ever-changing RAID demands. One day I might need a RAID-0 configuration for multimedia tasks, including video editing, and the next day I might want to have a little safety net with RAID-1. Or I might want to treat my RAID as a bunch of different disks so I could eject and insert the drives at different times (known technically as a JBOD).

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Tips on working practically with CG 

Many recent big action films — Jurassic World, Tomorrowland, Transformers: Age of Extinction and Pacific Rim, to name a few — feature practical effects created by the team at 32Ten Studios in San Rafael, California, in the space where Kerner Optical used to be located.

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Behind the Title: Efilm senior colorist Tim Stipan 

Last fall, Efilm brought on veteran feature colorist Tim Stipan. He says the role of the final colorist means you are usually involved in the project before principal photography begins. 

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Crooked Letter Films shoots bike shop spot with Cion

Brian Pope opens post/VFX house Cognition in LA

2D/3D crossgrade, upgrade pricing for LightWave 2015

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