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Review: Rampant Design Tools' 
latest updates
By Brady Betzel

If it seems like I’m reviewing Rampant Design Tools’ latest releases every few months, it’s because I am. Sean and Stefanie Mullen, the creators of Rampant Design Tools, are creating brand new sets of overlays, transitions, paint strokes, flares and tons of other tools monthly.

Typically when I do reviews there isn’t much personal interaction with the business owners, but Sean and Stefanie made themselves available for questions every step of the way. Even when I’m not doing a Rampant review, I am emailing them and they are always ready to help and even give advice. For them it’s about their customers, and they are continually releasing top shelf tools that I believe every editor and motion graphics artist should have in their toolbox.

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2nd unit photography starts on Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull’s Origin Unknown 

Director Hasraf “HaZ” Dulull, who has shared his expertise on the postPerspective site over the last two years, has started 2nd unit shooting on Origin Unknown, a sci-fi thriller based on a story by Dulull and written by Gary Hall. Dulull is a former VFX supervisor and artist who has worked on such tentpole films as Hell Boy and Dark Knight and who made a name for himself as a director with his award-winning short films, Project Kronos and Sync.

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Lenovo’s ThinkPad P50, P70: possible 
DIT powerhouses
By Boon Shin Ng

When I was asked by postPerspective if I’d like to get a hands-on preview of some of Lenovo’s upcoming embargoed products over lunch, my answer was, “Of course!” Both lunch and tech did not fail that day. During the meal, we were presented with Lenovo’s latest laptops — the ThinkPad P Series, which includes the P50 (15 inches) and the P70 (17 inches). The company pitched them as workstations in a laptop size, which feature new Intel Xeon processors.

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SIGGRAPH: Nvidia takes 
on VR with DesignWorks

SIGGRAPH: Chaos Group shows V-Ray for Nuke

SIGGRAPH: New Autodesk extensions, updated Shotgun

SIGGRAPH: ftrack 3.2 has 
new API, custom workflows

SIGGRAPH: Thinkbox shows cloud-enabled pipelines

SIGGRAPH: Fabric Software's Fabric Engine 2

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