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The sound of Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer prequel
Supervising sound editor J.M. Davey weighs in about First Day of Camp
By Jennifer Walden

David Wain’s homage to summer camp in the 1980s, Wet Hot American Summer (2001), managed to get away with casting actors in their late 20s and early 30s as teenage camp counselors — talk about suspending your disbelief. Well he took that premise a bit further recently.

Wain’s latest offering, the Netflix series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, uses the same actors from the first film — Paul Rudd, Janeane Garofalo, Michael Showalter, Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Zak Orth and Michael Ian Black, all now in their 40s — to recount what happened in those first days that summer at Camp Firewood. It’s a prequel to the Wet Hot American Summer film, but the kicker is that all the actors are now 14 years older in real life — the fact that the characters are noticeably older only serves to accentuate the joke.

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Killer wasps and an ’80s look for horror 
flick Stung 

Rat Pack Films and XYZ Films movie Stung is an homage to the golden age of VHS, featuring a campy look of the 1980’s horror film genre. It’s proof positive that monster movies still exist in the world of low-budget horror/comedy.

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Review: CEDAR Studio 7 audio plug-in tools 
By Robin Shore

When it comes to cleaning up damaged and noisy recordings, the tools from CEDAR Audio have long been respected in the audio community. CEDAR, which is sold by Independent Audio in the US, bills itself as “dedicated solely to audio restoration and speech enhancement for film, post, TV and radio broadcast; CD and DVD mastering, libraries and archives; and for audio forensic investigation.”

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Checking in with ArsenalCreative updates 
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MPC LA adds five veteran 
3D artists, promotes one

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