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Five ways to turn ‘good’ into ‘great’ when working with clients 

By Chad Hutson

Over the years, I’ve been asked several times about what makes a project “great.” Oftentimes the clients are especially nice and organized folks, though others may be a bit harder to handle despite their excellent creative thinking. But even apart from how easy or difficult a person can be, the consistent smoothness of projects comes down to processes, which you have the ability to implement and control.

Instead of leaving your next project to fate, try establishing some practices that ensure everyone follows the script (with a little improv when necessary). Here are five of my favorites:

1. Set the stage for collaboration
Of course, if you’re renovating your bathroom, you probably have a vision for what you want to achieve — which is a solid start. But the wisest of us seem to understand that hiring a professional contractor to bring that vision to life is the way to ensure the end result will turn out well.

Naturally, the same should be said for the relationship between you and your client. We look for those opportunities to make it clear that we have been hired for our expertise, and we take a great deal of pride in doing our jobs extremely well. We all understand that the creative process needs to be collaborative, and all input highly valued… and that includes ours. We chiefly aim to establish this by earning our clients’ respect, and in those cases where we accomplish that our business relationships ascend to new levels.

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Crackle’s Cleaners provides fun challenges for Private Island Audio
By Jennifer Walden

“It’s Quentin Tarantino meets Guy Ritchie.” That’s how Cleaners supervising sound editor/re-recording mixer Michael McDonald describes this web series. If that doesn’t get your attention, I’m not sure what will. The show follows two highly skilled killers-for-hire trying to get their share of $57 million.

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Dolby bringing Atmos to homes… are small post houses next?
By Robin Shore

Last month Dolby announced that its groundbreaking Atmos surround sound format will soon be available outside of commercial cinemas. By sometime early next year consumers will be able to buy special Atmos-enabled A/V receivers and speakers for their home theater systems.

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Review: Templater via aescripts + aeplugins
By Brady Betzel

Matrox SDI cards offer 
12 reconfigurable I/Os 
from SD to 4K

Activision’s Sierra Games gets animated logo via Gasket Studios

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