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HP intros new versions of its mobile 
and tower workstations

By Mike McCarthy

Last week I got the opportunity to attend HP’s big workstation launch event in Fort Collins, Colorado. HP is releasing new versions of its ZBook mobile workstations and desktop Z workstation towers. I also got to tour their labs and see behind the curtain at the development and testing process.

New “G2” versions of last year’s HP ZBook 15 and ZBook 17 will be available later this month. Both models sport the newest “Haswell” architecture-based Intel CPUs, new AMD and Nvidia GPU cards and M.2 storage options. HP has branded their PCIe-based flash storage solution as the “Z-Turbo Drive,” and it is available in their new ZBooks and workstations. Removing the SATA interface bottleneck greatly improves maximum read and write speeds on the new flash memory option. Both models are fairly similar, with the 17-inch model offering more powerful GPUs and an extra 2.5-inch drive bay.

The 15-inch model also replaces the DreamColor LCD option with a QHD+ 3200×1800 pixel screen. Media managers and anyone editing on the road will appreciate the ZBook’s Thunderbolt port and internal RAID storage options.

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Getting your VFX team involved early 
By Brian Drewes and Sean Devereaux

There is a shift afoot in the visual effects industry. On first look, it appears that bad news abounds, although the change we have perceived bodes well for us all. Recently, we’ve observed that our clients are asking us to get involved earlier in the creative development process. This is a different notion than VFX companies historically pleading to be involved earlier so that their job isn’t just the clean-up crew. 

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Quick Chat: Proof Inc. on Guardians of the Galaxy previs/postvis
By Randi Altman

Almost all films these days have visual effects of some kind, from the obvious (looking at you Transformers) to the invisible (pick any period piece). To help map out what effects could be done, more and more productions are calling on previsualization, and related services, to visualize the more complex sequences before filming begins.

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Animation and audio combine to celebrate 40 years of Nike shoes
By Jennifer Walden

Wacom’s Intuos Creative Stylus 2 for the iPad

IBC: CatDV goes to 
11, furthers integration 
with Adobe

IBC: Updates to Adobe’s 
CC coming soon

Offhollywood launches cinema camera accessories

Editor Mark Burnett joins Whitehouse Post, London 

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