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IBC 2014: quite a ride

By Randi Altman

After spending a week in Amsterdam for the IBC show, I am left with these random thoughts: There is no possible way to pack for whatever weather that city decides to throw at you. It’s hot, then it’s cold, then it’s hot — sometimes at the same moment in time. It’s like the menopause of weather.

I’ve also discovered that the Dutch are trying to kill us, or maybe they are just trying to remind us of Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” theory, with uneven pavement, bikes, scooters, trams, cars, pedestrians, all vying for the same space. Oh, and sometimes you’ll happen upon a set of black steps thrown in for good measure just to keep you from being lulled into a false sense of safety — it’s the cement equivalent of black ice.

I’m not even going to get into their staircases — those ever-winding, incredibly steep and not-made-for-human-sized-feet death traps. All that aside, I love that city. Love it. And, It’s a fantastic place to hold a trade show. The Dutch know how to surround themselves with beauty, even when building a convention center. The RAI, with its crazy amount of exhibit halls, is situated on a canal, next to a gorgeous park. As if that wasn’t enough, for good measure the people behind the RAI decided to build a “beach,” complete with sand and chaise lounges and outdoor bars for those worn down, but ever-social, IBC attendees.

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IBC Blog: reference monitors and more 
By Tim Spitzer

When I finally visited Sony in the elusive Hall 12 at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam during IBC, I was glad I did!

Sony introduced the first ergonomically sensible 4K camera called the PXW-FS7. The name might not seduce you, but it’s a beautiful looking and operating camera to fall in love with. The PXW-FS7 has a body profile reminiscent of the Aaton S-16mm “cat sitting on your shoulder” advert, and a handgrip that looks like the modern version of the wooden handgrip that graces the Aaton.

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IBC Blog: supporting technology for Pro Tools
By Simon Ray

At the IBC show, I saw  three exciting things that work in and alongside Avid Pro Tools: a great demo from Dave Tyler and Simon Sherbourne from Avid of a new collaboration technology potentially being built into Pro Tools (“Audio Collaboration in the Cloud”); a really interesting product from NTP Technology -- an audio interface/router that can connect directly to Pro Tools with multiple I/O options; and the guys at Tac System have made a great hardware controller called the VMC-102 that interacts with this plug-in but can also control the audio from a piece of hardware such as the NTP box! 

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IBC Blog: color grading,
end-to-end post, more
By Chris Ryan

IBC Blog: scanners, 
By Tim Spitzer

IBC Blog: client displays
By Chris Ryan

IBC Blog: QC, loudness 
and high frame rates
By Simon Ray

EditReady gets 
V.1.1 update
By Brady Betzel

Grammy-winner David Hentschel helms Howling Music London 

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