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The long road to restoring Neil Young’s Human Highway

By Jennifer Walden

In one or two words, how would you describe rock legend Neil Young? Folky? Serious? Environmentally-conscious? Politically-conscious? How about “goofy?” Yes, goofy.

I was recently surprised to learn that Mr. Young does indeed have a silly side (one with a message, of course), as is evidenced by his comedic musical Human Highway (1982), which he wrote, co-directed (under the pseudonym Bernard Shakey) and starred in along side Dean Stockwell. The film also starred Sally Kirkland, Russ Tamblyn, Dennis Hopper and Devo band members.

The film, an apocalyptic satire set in the Cold War era, follows the inhabitants of a small town positioned near a nuclear power plant. Young plays a nerdy mechanic named Lionel who dreams of being a rock star. One day a limo driving his rock idol Frankie Fontaine (also played by Young) pulls into his gas station. Lionel insists the car needs repair.

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Review: Autopilot Camera Stabilizer from
By Brady Betzel

In the last five years, content creation and distribution has exploded. Every person with a smartphone has the ability to create outstanding content. Think about it… everyone with an iPhone has a fully capable 1080p video camera in his or her pocket at all times. So once the explosion of random, and frankly terrible content settled (or is currently settling), viewers were looking for quality not just quantity.

YouTube has been instrumental in content distribution; the amount of content is truly amazing if you allow yourself to get lost down the YouTube rabbit hole. So the question becomes: How do I set myself apart from the other million YouTube content creators? If you’re a kid who wants to make skateboard videos, how do you go beyond the now standard “crazy” GoPro angle?

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IBC Blog: The age of archives
By Tom Coughlin

With the flood of video content being created due to the ease and cost-effectiveness of digital video capture and production and the decreasing costs of storage, digital content saved for the long term will explode. Moving from today’s HD to 4K UHD and then to 8K UHD and at higher frame rates will require greater storage capacities and more sophisticated data management services.

During the IBC 2014 Oracle announced that it was acquiring Front Porch Digital (FPD). Front Porch Digital adds storage management features to Oracle that should complement current Oracle storage products. FPD has been using Oracle tape systems for some time in its largest archives. FPD was the champion and promoter of the AFX storage format that has been adopted as a SMPTE standard.

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Behind the Title: Nomad editor Jason Kileen
By Jason Kileen

IBC Blog: How I spent my
last day at the show
By Chris Ryan

Animation house Reel FX dives into Virtual Reality with new division

Cloud-based collaboration tool Wipster is released

Behind the Title: EFilm colorist Mitch Paulson

Encore adds color grading vet Mark Wilkins to staff

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