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Arri managing director Franz Kraus discusses the Alexa 65

By Randi Altman

During IBC 2014 in Amsterdam, I was offered the opportunity to sit down with Franz Kraus, managing director of Arri. There was some breaking news he was willing to share — a new camera that had been whispered about here and there on the show floor. This was one week before the Cinec show in Munich, where the camera company introduced its newest offering, the Alexa 65.

How could I turn down that kind of opportunity?! So I headed out of the RAI Convention Center, went straight into my “this is how a native New Yorker walks” mode and got to a neighboring hotel just in time to wipe my brow, put my handy iOgrapher iPad mini rig onto a tripod and hit record.

Kraus talked about the development process; when they started the Alexa project around 2005, they had three cameras in mind, but due to world economy issues they decided to put their focus on two: the Alexa and entry-level Amira. The intended third camera is what has turned into the Alexa 65. Kraus says in the end, this delay actually worked out for the best since the type of sensor needed for the Alexa 65 wasn’t quite ready at the time. He said it was good “they went in baby steps” toward this offering.

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Review: Rode VideoMicGo
By Brady Betzel

As the trend of editors being asked to do much more than “just edit” continues to grow, I’ve decided to “just do” what I love no matter what others say. Sometimes that means doing much more than what is in the job description, including shooting your own interviews or pickup shots — but technology does not always make it easy to just pick something up and start rolling.

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Quick Chat: Atomic Fiction’s Kevin Baillie 
on recent expansion

By Randi Altman

Last week, Oakland-based VFX house Atomic Fiction announced they were expanding with a 15,000-square-foot studio in Montreal, taking advantage of the large talent base of visual effects artists in the area. The first project in that office is The Walk, a feature about French high-wire artist Philippe Petit. It is co-produced, co-written and directed by Robert Zemeckis.

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Quick Chat: Color grading boutique Apache Digital
By Randi Altman

Quick Chat: The Knick gets medical help via Phosphene
By Randi Altman

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