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The A-List: Hotel Transylvania 2 director Genndy Tartakovsky
By Jennifer Walden

Hotel Transylvania 2 has been kicking some box office butt since it was released on September 25. In this sequel to the original, the story follows Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler) and his posse as they team up to teach grandson Dennis, who is half-human/half-vampire, a few lessons on how to be a monster, all in an effort to (once again) keep daughter Mavis safely at home.

The sequel is not only a return for the “Drac Pack,” it was also a reunion for the Hotel Transylvania creative teams at Sony, with visual teams at Sony Pictures Imageworks and the post sound team at Sony Pictures Post being guided by director Genndy Tartakovsky.

After finishing work on the original Hotel Transylvania (2012), Tartakovsky and the Sony animation team immediately started on Popeye and were concurrently developing Hotel Transylvania 2. “We had a script from Adam Sandler and Robert Smigel, which was completely different from what we ended up with in the movie,” notes Tartakovsky. “We worked out all the story problems and then we watched the film in animatic and storyboard form, to see what was good and what was bad.”

They made adjustments until the story felt solid, and then Tartakovsky and his team began work on the design, building sets and new characters in preparation for animation. He notes, “The story is what drives everything initially.”

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Automatic Duck’s Wes Plate talks about 
building bridges
By Randi Altman

If you’ve worked in post production during the past 14 years, there is a very good chance you know Automatic Duck and its president, Wes Plate. Over their time in business, Wes and his father, Harry, have created a number of software tools designed to make different programs and formats work together… the ultimate facilitators.

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Quick Chat: CO3’s Stephen Nakamura 
on grading The Martian

Ridley Scott’s The Martian tells the story of an astronaut left behind on Mars. The director, who created that world, called on Company 3’s Stephen Nakamura for the color grade, which he completed in London to be closer to Scott and the production.

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Millennials are know-it-alls… and so is everyone else
By Josh Rizzo

Mark Mangini keynotes The Art of Sound Design at Sony
By Mel Lambert

Notes from Adobe 
Max conference 2015
By Daniel Restuccio

What I saw at the 
Toronto Film Fest 2015
By Kristine Pregot

finalize relationship

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