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PostChat: Laika’s Christopher Murrie

By Randi Altman

Last week on #PostChat, the ongoing Wednesday night Twitter conversation about editing and post, Laika’s Christopher Murrie, ACE, was the guest while host Jesse Averna (@Dr0id) led the conversation.

Murrie (@XopherMonster) has been editing animated fare since 1999 while with Will Vinton Studios, which later became Laika Studios. This animation house, based about 15 miles outside of Portland, produces short films and features… from scratch. Their most recent offering is the hybrid stop-motion/CG animated feature Boxtrolls, based on the novel “Here Be Monsters.”

Murrie consulted on Boxtrolls, acting as another “set of eyes,” as he puts it. He served as editor on the studio’s other feature offerings ParaNorman and Coraline. ParaNorman was the first stop-motion movie to use a 3D color printer to create replacement faces for its puppets. Coraline was a stop-motion film photographed in stereo 3D. In a sense, Laika is embracing both the history of animation and its future.

Editing animated features has always interested me, so I reached out to Murrie.

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Cool Stuff: Michael Kammes’ new Web 
series 5 Things

By Randi Altman

Many of you, especially those who follow social media, might already know of Michael Kammes (@michaelkammes). As his Twitter description says, he’s a director of technology and marketing (at Key Code Media), a workflow consultant, a product specialist, a sound editor, a pundit, a geek, former Chicagoan and current Angeleno.

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Review: Sonnet Fusion QR 8TB External RAID
By Brady Betzel

We all know that Thunderbolt 2 has been the talk of the town in terms of storage and I/O devices for the last six months or so. Unfortunately if you don’t own a Mac Pro (2014 model), a high-end PC workstation like the latest HP z840, or have the DIY knowledge to build your Intel X99 architecture-based computer with Thunderbolt capabilities, you are kind of out of luck.

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Sound designer David Van Slyke discusses Gotham
By Randi Altman

Bellawood hardwood 
floors shine in new spot
By Randi Altman

Blur creates CG mischief, heroics for Skylanders 

Panasonic ships 
VariCam35, Varicam HS

1stAveMachine adds Italian director Alessandro Pacciani

London’s MPC Creative names Sophie Gunn EP

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