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Gone Girl: Light Iron and 
David Fincher’s path to 6K

By Daniel Restuccio

Light Iron Post CEO Michael Cioni is an outspoken and passionate advocate of pushing the edge of post technology for the mission of getting the best images possible on screen. David Fincher’s Gone Girl represents the third movie, following The Social Network and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, that Cioni and his team have collaborated on with the director.

“If you are really doing something profound, you can’t solve it in one project,” shares Cioni, whose company has offices in LA and New York. With David Fincher and his team, key ideas don’t get put to the wayside after the movie finishes. “They store it, develop it and improve it, and then it’s re-deployed with more advanced technology on the next project.”

The Social Network was the beginning of the “shoot for more resolution than you need extraction technique.” The Social Network was shot in 4.5K (4480×1920), had a 2.3K DI and was released in 2K (2048×1080), so Fincher had 9% extra resolution: 200 extra pixels horizontally and vertically to do stabilization, repositioning, tracking and split screen.

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Review: Yanobox Nodes 2
By Brady Betzel

I realize, as most editors do, that to grow means to be constantly learning. Not a day goes by where I am not on the Web looking for the latest and greatest tools and tutorials to expand my creative toolbox. When scouring Twitter one day I found Eran Stern’s (@sternfx) demo of Yanobox Nodes 2 from FX Factory (@fxfactory) which he used to create a promo for the After Effects World Conference. 

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Quick Chat: Cut+Run’s Steve Gandolfi on 
Nissan Rogue Imagination spot
By Randi Altman

Remember as a kid imagining monsters under your bed and hiding in closets? Well a new spot for Nissan takes that childhood fear out of the bedroom and amps it up a bit. Nissan Rogue’s Imagination, out of TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles, features parents and their son heading home on a dark, stormy night. 

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