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The A-List: Director George Miller talks Fury Road, Oscar season
By Iain Blair

The Oscar-winning writer/director/producer George Miller was instrumental in introducing the new wave of revved-up Aussie cinema to the world stage thanks to his seminal and highly influential apocalyptic road trilogy, Mad Max. But when the first in the series roared onto screens in the late seventies, it wasn’t just a fresh blast of non-stop action reeking of hot engines and even hotter desert winds from down under. 

Miller’s assured debut, a bleak vision of the future, essentially rewrote the book on how to make a successful low-budget indie action film (for 20 years it held the record as the highest profit-to-cost ratio of any film).

He then went on to create two more much-beloved franchises — Babe and Happy Feet — which did for talking animals what Mad Max did for young up-and-comer Mel Gibson.

Miller, whose diverse credits include directing The Witches of Eastwick, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Lorenzo’s Oil and producing Dead Calm, the thriller that jump-started Nicole Kidman’s career, was in LA recently to talk about Warner Bros. Mad Max: Fury Road. The $375 million-grossing smash is the fourth in the blockbuster series, which left off with Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, released exactly 30 years ago.

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The Colorist Society. Why Not?
Colorists deserve their own collective

By Jim Wicks

Will there come a day when colorists will become a band of brothers and sisters? Or are we destined to remain as solo participants on the world cinema stage?

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Review: RTW Mastering Tools 
By Diego Jimenez

Loudness metering equipment is always an important ingredient in our work environment at Hobo Audio. The projects we work on always demand different standards and specifications, whether it’s mixing for TV, film or the web. Our goal is to not only provide excellent quality audio, but also a comfortable listening experience to the consumer while meeting all the specifications our clients require.

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Rampant’s Sean Mullen 
on new mograph release

SMPTE 2015: the impact of immersive audio formats
By Mel Lambert

HP intros ‘re-invented’ 
ZBook mobile workstations

Agency producer Kitty Snyder heads to Deluxe Atlanta 

Animated Storyboards, Y&R Mexico team on mining ad

Foundry brings on Alex Mahon as chief executive 

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