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The sound of Fury Part II: Tiger 1 tanks

By Jennifer Walden

It’s rare for a director to stop a shoot for the benefit of the sound team, but then again it’s not every day that you have a rare WWII Tiger 1 tank on the set… the only operable Tiger 1 tank still in existence. Bringing in the real tank shows just how important authenticity was to Fury director David Ayer, who had the actors’ uniforms made from cloth that WWII soldiers would have worn. Fury follows a WWII Sherman tank crew that undertakes a deadly mission behind enemy lines.

Fury’s Ayer didn’t just have an eye for detail — he had an ear for it too. He wanted a soundtrack that communicated the individual character of each tank, from the engines to the treads. “He asked everyone on set to be quiet as we recorded the Tiger 1 tank,” reveals Eilam Hoffman of Sound 24, a post sound studio based within Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire. England. “I really appreciate a director who is so focused on sound. Instead of moving the mic for the sake of the shot, he stopped shooting for the sake of the sound. That was a real experience.”

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Pros share what they are thankful for this season
By Randi Altman

I admit it, I am one of those people who takes the meaning of Thanksgiving for granted. At quick glance, I think Thanksgiving is about turkey, over-eating, family gatherings and a parade featuring ginormous flying cartoon characters, but the real meaning sometimes gets lost in all of that.

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Humble director Sam Stephens on the recent Lowe’s 
Vine campaign

Agency BBDO New York called on production company Humble, its director Sam Stephens and a handful of home improvement bloggers to create a series of stop-motion animated Vine videos that offer out-of-the-box tips to make life at home a little easier – from turning a t-shirt into a pillow case to painting an old cutting board with chalkboard paint and using it for your grocery list to soaking up water spills in the garage with sawdust to removing a water stain from wood using mayo. Yes, mayo.

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Behind the Title: Light Iron finishing artist Katie Hinsen

ASC TV nominees 
and their reactions

Yulik Yagudin’s Top 10: respecting audio engineers

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