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Performance Post: embracing new tech, working efficiently

This 30-year-old facility recently installed the Tachyon Wormhole for retiming work.

By Randi Altman

How do you get to celebrate 30 years as an independently owned post house in this industry? In addition to the obvious, such as quality work and servicing clients, you need to evolve your business with the needs of the industry.

Performance Post, a boutique-sized studio opened in 1984 by Fausto Sanchez, has re-invented itself a few times over the years. When they began they were working with short-form content, such as promos. They then evolved into long-form work and everything in between, such as music videos and commercials.

The evolution continued, and today the main part of Performance Post’s business is delivering long-form content to studios and broadcasters — first-time delivery for television or repurposing for rebroadcasts. While Performance Post provides an “incredible amount of services, at our core we are an editorial shop,” explains Sanchez. “We focus on the craft of editorial.”

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Review: Imagineer System’s Mocha Pro 4.1 and 
Mocha Plus 4.1
By Brady Betzel

Most people working in modern post production have heard about “tracking.” Many may have even dabbled in a little tracking to remove a dead pixel, do some simple sign replacements or stabilize a shaky shot. If you are lucky enough to have been successful in your standard Avid tracker or the amazing Adobe After Effects 3D Camera Solver then you will love what Imagineer System’s is doing with Mocha Pro 4.1 and Mocha Plus 4.1.

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Creating sounds, mix, more for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1
By Jennifer Walden

It may be called The Hunger Games, but in Mockingjay, Part 1, the games are over. Life for the people of Panem, outside The Capitol, is about rebellion, war and survival. Supervising sound editor/sound designer/re-recording mixer Jeremy Peirson, at Warner Bros. Sound in Burbank, has worked with director Francis Lawrence on both Catching Fire and Mockingjay, Part 1.

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Quick Chat: Director of Photography John Pingry

Michael Kammes’ latest 5 Things takes on storage
By Randi Altman

George Hagstrand: audio engineers deserve respect

Digital Vision acquired by management team

Vtrack management solution offers V3, lower pricing model

Scratch Play V.8.2 supports Oculus Rift, new formats

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