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The A-List: An interview with Quentin Tarantino about The Hateful Eight
By Iain Blair

For Quentin Tarantino fans it’s been three long years since the colorful writer/director/producer and sometime actor blasted and cursed his way across the screen with Django Unchained. Now he’s back with The Weinstein Company’s The Hateful Eight, an even more deliriously over-the-top, ultra-violent western — set in the same era — that makes Django look almost sweet and gentle by comparison.

It’s also a mash-up of horror and mystery genres, with enough fake blood
and red herrings to keep every Tarantino fan in the world happy. With a
large ensemble cast, including Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth, Michael
Madsen, Bruce Dern, Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Channing
Tatum, it tells a seemingly simple story: eight strangers get stranded in a mountainside stopover as a monster storm bears down on them. But nothing
is quite what it seems.

All this is lovingly presented in the long-dormant Ultra Panavision 70mm format and shot by Tarantino’s long-time DP Robert Richardson, the three-time Oscar-winner who also shot Django, Inglourious Basterds and Kill Bill: Vol 1 and 2 for the director. It was edited by Fred Raskin, another frequent collaborator.

I spoke with Tarantino about making the film, as the first screenings rolled out.

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A closer look at Southpaw’s audio
By Mel Lambert

With Oscar buzz swirling around the film Southpaw, director Antoine Fuqua paid tribute to his sound crew on The Weinstein Company’s drama during a screening and Q&A session on
the Cary Grant Stage at Sony Pictures in Culver City — the
same venue where the film’s soundtrack was re-recorded
earlier this year.

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The immeasurable beauty of film
By Paul Dean

During my 34-year career as a film and digital grader/colorist, there has been much technological advancement. However, there is one enduring constant that never ceases to amaze me: film’s unique ability to capture and render light so beautifully.

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Bandito Brothers: Picking tools that fit
their workflow

Los Angeles-based post, production and distribution company Bandito Brothers is known for its work on feature films such as Need for Speed, Act of Valor and Dust to Glory. They provide a variety of services — from shooting to post to visual effects — for spots, TV, films and other types of projects.

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Sony’s Tom McCarthy
talks new MPSE role

By Randi Altman

Why fast file transfers are critical to production, post
By Katie Staveley

Some do’s and don’ts
for your job hunt

By David Jasse

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