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Howard Brock on Anger Management’s uncomplicated post

By Randi Altman

Post-production veteran Howard Brock is not sentimental about the past. He has seen the industry change from film to tape to digital to file-based, and he’s embraced each new step along the way.

Brock co-founded the Burbank-based post house Matchframe in 1984. He ran it day to day until his departure in 2002. He took on freelance editing jobs before becoming president of Avid rental house Runway. After four years he went back to freelance editing once more. That’s where an editor friend found him and asked him to come on board the Charlie Sheen sitcom Anger Management… as an assistant editor. “I was under employed and over qualified,” he explains, “So I said, ‘It’s a union gig, right? Sure. Yay, health insurance!’”

The assistant title didn’t last long. Currently Brock is associate producer, online editor and leads the four-person in-house post team. Anger Management stays in-house for everything except for audio mixing, via Charlie McDaniels at Warners, and laying off to tape at J/KAM, which also provides the editing gear.

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Review: Tiffen Steadicam Curve 
for GoPro cameras
By Brady Betzel

If you’ve walked out your front door these days you’ve undoubtedly seen a GoPro camera. Usually it’s a kid with one strapped to his skateboard getting a weird (yet probably awesome) shot of his wheels that he is going to use as a transitional story element for his skate film, and he’s probably eight years old and a whiz on After Effects.

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Quick Chat: Vancouver Film School’s 
Marty Hasselbach
By Randi Altman

Recently, Vancouver Film School, whose program offerings are designed to prepare students to be independent filmmakers/game producers and animators, invested in 775 new HP z420 workstations with AMD W7000 FirePro graphics for use in their new 155,000-square-foot campus in the heart of Vancouver’s Gastown. The goal was to create an environment that emulates real-world production studios.

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Tool Chat: Autodesk’s 
Heather McDiarmid
By Randi Altman

Setting the mood 
for Palo Alto

By Christine Bunish

Meet the Artist: 
Company 3's Siggy Ferstl

Lightworks on Mac 
available for public beta

Phosphene provides 
VFX shots for The 
Fault in Our Stars

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey employs Joust 
for VFX, digital workflow  

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